New York, The Oculus

Sennheiser (client)

The German audio brand Sennheiser needed to create more brand awareness on the US market. They were looking for a partner to design and produce an attention- grabbing installation and retail space in the Oculus in New York City, that could last for a few months. The materials used in the pop-up needed to be of high quality in line with the brands standards of its products and its well-known audio engineering heritage.

We developed and engineered an engaging art installation. Additionally, we created video content for large displays to promote the brand in the subway. Besides sourcing high quality and durable materials that reflected the brand, we did site sourcing, permitting, project management, installation and deinstallation of the pop-up.

The pop-up's form was made up of 2200 Dichroic sound rods, designed to attract guests by changing color based on the sun and the viewers position in the room. The headphones on display were there for bypassers to experience the products with their own device. A tunnel that went through the installation showcased the story of the brand, which gave visitors the opportunity to learn more about Sennheiser and its rich history while leaving the high traffic of other passengers in the mall behind.